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1.  The best place to buy your home.


Houston, Texas, has long been one of the most stable and steadily appreciating real estate investing locations in the United States. As the energy capital of the U.S., aerospace, technology and medical industries, Houston has long lead the nation's job growth, while at the same time offering an exceptional cost of housing that is both spacious, economical and reliable. Because of the local market's steady, yet reliable, appreciation this market has long been a favorite of real estate investors.


For those looking to buy homes that have plenty of room, yard space, quality, affordability and that are well located, this is definitely the place to find what you're looking for.



2.  Real estate reports.

Overall the market is improving although some areas are still lagging behind others in sales and prices. Home sales are expected to continue rising at a low to moderate pace. Below is last year's report..



2.1  Home sales in 2011.


Final year end report of home sales throughout 2011.


The real estate market ending with year 2011 had significant gains in both amount of sales and in appreciation. Single family homes were up overall 4% and sales of all properties went up 4.3%. The median home price was $155,000. While the overall dollar turn over in real estate was up 5.2% compared to 2010.


Single-Family Home Sales51,55653,6064.0%
Total Property Sales61,00563,6104.3%
Total Dollar Volume$12,364,327,660$13,012,903,3525.2%
Single-Family Average Sales Price$211,765$213,7230.9%
Single-Family Median Sales Price$153,990$155,0000.7%



3.  Houston Realtor's and realty companies.


There is is a thriving community of Houston Realtors, Houston realty companies and experienced professionals to help you with the home buying process. In fact there are thousands of Realtors in Houston and hundreds of Realty companies. It can in fact seem a little daunting just going about finding a Houston Realtor who is just right for you, is knowledgeable and experienced enough to help you find that dream home and to make one of the most important decisions of your life.



3.1  Choosing the right Realtor.


With so many Realtors to choose from, it is important to find a Realtor that is compatible with you who understands your needs and wants. Some people might prefer a very experienced Realtor who knows what they're doing, how to find good deals and cane negotiate well. Other people may want to find a Realtor who is experienced in a particular niche, specialized in a particular style and type of real estate, or market area. For example a specific subdivision may be more commonly marketed, or farmed, by certain Realtors, or a specific Realty company. While other people may want to find a Realtor who although has somewhat less experience, may also have more time and energy to search for homes, contact sellers and devote a more personalized experience to helping their clients find a home.


So whatever it is that you're looking for it is important to find the right Realtor for your family, who understands and can help you with all your needs. For many years this this site Houston Realty.US has helped people to find the right Realtor for their needs, or other real estate professionals to help them in the complicated home buying process.



3.2  Living in Houston, TX.


If you’re looking for a large southern state that has great inner-city real estate as well as plenty of nice suburban areas nearby, then this is the perfect city. Home to millions of businessman and middle-class Americans, its many property options and business opportunities have attracted real estate investors from all over the states, who’ve come here to make money and enjoy a piece of the good life.



3.3  Working in Houston.


Recently named the fastest growing city in the United States with a population just short of 6 million. A good portion of the business industry is dedicated to space and air trade, with big players like NASA based here. It’s also home to one of the top three shipping ports in the United States, the Port of Houston, through which all kinds of international trading is done. We also have a reasonably high employment rate at close to 91%, just over the state average.



3.4  Americans vote with their feet for Texas.

The 2010 Census showed that with a growth of 4.3 million persons, Texas grew more than any other U.S. State. What makes Houston particularly attractive is the combination of productivity with affordable housing. The reason local homes are inexpensive and yet desirable is because they have been abundantly supplied.




3.5  Houston statistics:

This is the largest city in Texas and the 4th largest city in the United States. It has also been the fastest growing city in the States through the 20th century.


  •    Over four million people live in the greater Houston area.
  •    The Port of Houston is the second busiest in the US in annual tonnage.
  •    The city is 656.3 square miles.
  •    of which 634.0 square miles is land and 22.3 is water <when it isn't flooding, LOL.>.
  •    2,099,451 live in Houston according to the 2010 US Census.
  •    Population Density (2010 Census) 3,623 people per square mile.



3.6  Surrounding counties:


    Counties Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Waller.


3.7  Surrounding cities and areas:


Area Cities and Towns Alvin, Algoa, Angelton, Bailey's Prairie, Bacliff, Baytown, Bellaire, Bonney-Rosharon, Brazoria, Clute, Conroe, Damon and Damon's Mound, Danbury, Danciger, Deer Park, Dickinson, East Columbia, Freeport, Friendswood, Galena Park, Galveston, Hitchcock, Humble, Jones Creek, Katy, Kemah, La Marque, La Porte, Lake Jackson, League City, Liverpool, Manvel-Iowa Colony, Missouri City, Oyster Creek, Pasadena, Pearland, Quintata, Richmond, Rosenberg, San Felipe, San Luis Pass, Santa Fe, Surfside Beach, Stafford, Sugar Land, Sweeny-Old Ocean, Texas City, West Columbia, West University Place.



4.  Houston has long been the popular real estate information hub...


for buyers, sellers, investors and real estate related professionals. Welcome to read our Houston Investor Forum, to discuss ideas and ask questions. Started for real estate professionals and investors this forum has expanded to include users from all real estate related fields, from Realtors, to builders, lenders, contractors, buyers and sellers.


If you are an investor and want to find out how to join Houston real estate investment clubs, the RICH Club, or many other  investor clubs, then the Investors page is an ideal place to find what you need. You can also network with your peers, offer deals, ask questions, get answers and share your knowledge of the field you specialize in.