A primary concept of Wood Working Tools

There is something uniquely ravishing and enchanting about traditional woodworking tools. It’s not only that the glorious coming together of hardwood, forged steel, threaded gunmetal, and knurled brass makes for a stunningly beautiful visual object, hut more than that, a good honest traditional woodworking tool has about it an aura that speaks of strength, mystery, and alchemy.

woodworking tools


In times past, the use of woodworking tools and related skills were considered to be so singular that wood workers developed closed societies and guilds to defend the mystery. An old guy once told me that his great grandfather who had been an apprentice cabinetmaker in London – this must have been about 1830 or there about – told him that an unwritten rule in the wood – shop was that the tools had to be treated with respect and knowledge of their function had to be kept a closely guarded secret. In fact, when an outsider entered the workshop and started asking questions, cloths were surreptitiously thrown over the tools, and the men would shy away from giving straight answers. Their thinking was, of course, that the best way of keeping the craft strong was to show nothing and say little. And if that wasn’t enough, and when a “gentleman” stranger did start poking around and asking questions; then there was much bowing and scraping and obsequious doffing of caps -“yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir” – and he was given a load of hooey to throw him off the track. The end result of this behavior was that when these selfsame gentlemen wrote accounts of how such and such a woodworking tool was used and who used it, they more often than nor came up with the most extraordinary rubbish, or at least a very “thin” account of the real facts.Bosch POF 1200 router

And so it was that up until modem times the whole subject of woodworking was more or less divided into two camps. In one camp there were all the professional woodworkers who were actually using the tools, making the items, and saying nothing, and in the other camp there were the know-nothing, do-nothing “gentlemen” amateurs who wrote a great deal about “honest sweat” and other nonsense. This state of affairs was, and gill is, encouraged by the tool manufacturers, who grade their planes, chisels, and the like, as being “professional or “amateur.” The joke is that whereas “professional” tools are generally pretty sensible good quality full-size strong tools (good grade steel, solid brass fixtures and fittings, and hardwood handles) the “amateur,” “gentleman,” or “hobby” tools tend to be a hit smaller, a great deal shinier, and a lot more expensive – altogether less for more. Its almost as if the manufacturers are of the opinion that amateurs have such delicate and fragile sensibilities that they can’t contend with a tool unless it is small, lightweight, and pretty. And, would you believe, some tool manufacturers still grade their tools as being only suitable for “Ladies”.

What this all adds up to is a sad state of affairs, where beginners who are using these inferior tools are confused because they can’t achieve good quality work. The pity is that more often than not these beginners are so discouraged by their poor achievements that they think they are never going to make the grade. What they can’t know, of course, is that it is their pretty “hobby” tools that are at fault, rather than their efforts. And if this isn’t had enough, we now have a situation where not only have most of the professionals moved over to using machines but, worse yet, more and more beginners are also being beguiled into using handheld power tools. So where we once had professionals doing their very best to protect the mysteries of the craft, we now have the professionals so busy revving up their machines and working against the clock trying to bully chipboard, plywood, and plastics into shape that they themselves have to a great extent forgotten how to US the traditional tools. Where once the mysteries were hidden and protected, now they are fast becoming lost.

Bosch wood working tools

The good news is that out of this mess and mayhem a new breed of artist-amateur woodworker is evolving. He or she is concerned not only with making furniture and such for money – although this is great when it happens – hut, much more exciting, with experiencing the pure therapeutic pleasure of working with wood hand tools. These artist-woodworkers are amateurs in the true sense of the word: a person who engages in a pastime for love rather than for professional gain. They don’t need to beat the clock by working with machines, nor do they need to use a heap of chipboard and plastics, but rather, they are becoming involved with woodworking simply because they enjoy the sensory pleasure of touching and handling the tools and the wood. And the wonderful thing is that these new woodworkers have by chance hit upon the simple truth that the way into the craft – the way to understand the mystery – is to get close to the tools and the materials.

Our aim in writing this blog is to cut through all the baloney and to tell it how it really is. We have spent the last twenty years collecting tools, we have handled the wood, we have struggled and strived to build several workshops, we have spent time working alongside the old woodworkers who know all the wrinkles, and we have generally done our level best over the years to understand how the tools and the wood come together.

Things to Have to Start Using A Wood Router

Wood Router Kit

There are many kinds of wood router kit out there. Vary from the speed, power, performance, quality, sound, and of course price. You surely do not have to buy the most expensive one to start using wood router if you are a newbie to the wood router world. Then if you look closely, you would able to find the not so expensive one but still quite capable of doing its job and also suitable for you. It is not really hard to find the right one for you. There are lots of wood router reviews that you can look up in the internet to give you some guides before buying one.

There are many kinds of wood router

You can use this kit in two ways, either attach it to the router table or hold it with your hands, handheld the wood router. There are also three kinds of bases that are available for a wood router. Plunge base, fixed base, and interchangeable bases. Plunge base allows you to lower down the router so it is best for cutting woods in the middle part, best to use like making dadoes. Meanwhile, you can not do anything with the fixed base because it is fixed. So fixed base usually useful for cutting edges. Otherwise, the interchangeable bases allows you to use either plunge or fixed base. I think the interchangeable is the most efficient one because it will suites whatever you need. When you need it to cut for the edges than you can change the base to the fixed base and when you need it for making dadoes than just change it to the plunge base.

Router Bits

This might be the hardest thing to choose because there are surely a lot to choose from. There are a serious amount of types of this router bits.

The most common and use it quite a lot might be the straight-cutting bit. There are also a whole lot different types of diameter of this bits based on what you need but the basic one is ¼ inch.

The second most common router bit is the Roman Ogee bit. This will give you a perfect shape for your molding, this shape of molding is also quite popular as the most common shape people used for molding.

Next one is the rabbeting bit. Something that you make, that needs rabbets, will be a waste if the rabbets itself is not click and fit to the other part cause it will be unstable. With this wood router bit, you can easily make a perfect rabbets joint.

Last but not lease, the other most important bits that you need is the rounding-over bit. This bit is use for smooth out any sharp edges of a table or a chair or anything that needed to be smooth out.

You should choose the right wood router

There is also a custom router bits. This will allow you to make a router bits in a size and shape that you wanted. People usually use this to make a hole for the door knob and the drawer pulls.

The important thing is you know what you are going to make then you will be able to find the router bits that you need. If you have chosen the right router bits then it will give you a great result. But when you choose the wrong router bits, you  might get some problem. The result will not be the same as you wanted because every router bits have different function and will give you different shape to your woods.

Router Table

As I said before, you can use the wood router in two ways. First, hold it with your hand and second, attach it to the router table. Some cutting needs to be done by attach the wood router to the router table. That is why you need this table. There are lots of types of this router table on the market. From the simplest one to the most complicated one. The thing you must pay attention to is the router table must have a flat top so when you are cutting on top of it, your woods won’t turn into some kinda’ like a wave. The other important thing is the base plate, which you will be attached the wood router to. It has to be a solid one so it won’t shaking and should be remains flat.

Coping Sleds

This thing might seems unnecessary but trust me you are going to need one. Making something that has to be in a straight line might be a little bit frustrating. So you need something to be a guide. On the other hand, working with the wood router means you have to move it around to build a shape you wanted your woods to be. Because you move it around, if the woods does not have a great grip than it will be moving around too. You can not hold the woods with your hands because both of your hands will be holding the wood router. That is why you need this tool to grip on tightly to the woods and guide you through the cutting process.

wood router is a very important tool for woodworker

Hearing Protectors

This is not really a have to thing to have if you want to start using your wood router. But, it will surely save you ears from the buzzing sound of the wood router. Different machine will have different volume of it sounds too. So, if you want to save your ears from those evil sounds than you need to buy hearing protectors.

Those who are new to the wood router world might need some time to learn how to use it and have a fully control to this machine. But once you get the hang of it, then making your own DIY wood project will be such an easy task to do. Make sure you have chosen the right equipment for you that you are not wasting your money on it. Then you are good to go explore.

A complete guide on using your electronic appliances

The comfort and the conveniences that our home appliances offer in our daily life, it’s really difficult to deny. Home appliances make our life better and easier. From morning to night, imagining a regular life without these appliances is really difficult and annoying.  Usually, most of our appliances are electrical; as a result, they need proper care and handling.

Home appliances make our life better and easier

Undoubtedly, these appliances play an important role in our daily life, but to make them last long regular maintenance is a must. Otherwise, it will be difficult to extend the durability of these appliances. Sometimes, it’s more than just durability. Poor maintenance can lead to accidents too, which sometimes can be fatal. Let’s see, how to take the best care of our appliances for their durability and to avoid any accidents.

Keep the appliance instruction:   Electronic appliances are different in their functions and purpose. It will be really difficult to categorize them in one row, moreover, it will be confusing too. You cannot compare your washing machine to the blender after all. So, it’s really difficult to give instructions for each of the items. Keep the instructions safely that usually arrive with the appliances. It will be your guiding friend for future use. But, if you lose it, don’t hesitate to ask for a new booklet from the manufacturers.

Electric light bulbs:  These are the most common, basic and inseparable appliances, without which thinking of a single day will be difficult. While selecting bulbs, special attention should be given to the wattage. Different wattage is needed for performing different tasks. If a bulb is destined for your reading room, then it should have enough wattage to give you the experience of smooth reading. Working or reading in improper light, may create troubles in your eyes. Keep the bulbs and tubes clean to ensure better lighting experience. If still they look darker, maybe it’s time to say ‘good-bye’. While disposing of the old bulbs and tubes, extra care should be taken. They should not be thrown carelessly, unless broken glass can cause serious injury, especially for the children. Even the fluorscent of the broken tubes can be harmful too. Therefore, dispose them in a safe place for avoiding accidents.

Cords, plugs and fuses:  Whether you are using a vacuum cleaner or a microwave, special attention should be given to their cords and plugs. Regular checking ensures the good state of these safety gadgets. Immediate repairing is recommended in case of any damage or irregularities. Fuses save your valuable appliances by controlling the overflow of electricity. A soft metal melts inside the fuse when the flow of electricity raises and thus, it prevents the overflow of electricity.

Kitchen appliances maintenance:  just imagine, how your life will be without a refrigerator. This is the widely used appliance without which life will be really tough. You have to rush to the store everyday for your daily belongings. You can’t even store your favorite food items and what will your life will be without the chill drink at midnight.

These home appliances are the blessings of science that we are enjoying daily

Maintaining the required temperature will keep your food fresh and healthy, which is equally important for the good health of the refrigerator itself. Never put hot products inside the refrigerator. Firstly, bring it to the room temperature, then put it inside. The inside temperature should always be 30-35 degre Fahrenhite. Always clean the refrigerator with a damp cloth periodically to keep it odor free.

Another important appliance is a microwave. This multitasking gadget preform various jobs, but  be aware of not putting any metal pot or container inside the microwave. If gas appliance stops working, please check the pilot is working or not. A freezer with excessive frost does not work properly. So, clean your freezer before the frost is thick enough.

Laundry room appliances:   Like kitchen appliances, laundry room appliances such as  washing machines and dryers need proper maintenance. Replace the hoses of your washing machine with heavy metal one, available in hardware store when they are old. Before using the dryer, clean the lint trap to avoid fire hazards. It will save your energy and make your clothes dry faster. More importantly, don’t let lint and dirt accumulate under the dryer, unless it will cause a fire hazard.

These home appliances are the blessings of science that we are enjoying daily. We are so used to them that, sometimes we don’t even realise their importance in our life, unless they stop working. Our poor maintenance and less attention, cut off their durability and working capability. For running them smoothly, we need to give little supervision. Never operate your electronic gadgets with wet hand. Minimise the use of similar appliances in wet and dump address. Clean and store them properly after each use. Our little care will help them to keep functioning and will save our money too.



Things You Could Make with Food Processor to Make Your Life Healthier

Over the past years, there is a new star in the kitchen appliances section. That new star is food processor. If you are looking through a recipe on the internet, you will realize that this appliancehas become a primadonna. This appliance is not new. It has been for quite a long time but I do not know why it just gets very famous these years.

When you see how this food processor works, you might think, this has the same function as a blender

When you see how this food processor works, you might think, this has the same function as a blender. Well, that is my first impression about this appliance. Actually they are not the same, they have different function. And how about that immersion blender. If you are looking to buy a new appliance at home, you have to know what you need.

  • Blender is for blending or mixing soft foods and liquids. People usually use blender for making a milkshake, a smoothie, or a juice.
  • Immersion blender is a handheld blender, it looks like a stick with blade at the bottom. This tool is so small, very easy to use, and handy. You could make a juice or a purée with this tool.
  • Meanwhile, food processor is used for chopping, cutting, mixing, shredding, and grating both soft and hard foods. There are lots of things you could make with this tool such as pasta or even bread.

Lately, living a healthy lifestyle has also been VERY FAMOUS. People trying to eat a lot of salad, a lot of healthy foods and drinks. Not gonna mention that some of those foods are quite pricey. So what don’t you invest in one of those food processor at home then you could make a homemade healthy meal rather than buying it. By healthy, what I mean with that is the food is healthier because you make it yourself, rather than you buy it from the store.

Some people are not really into homemade foods because they might say that it is hard, there are a lot of things to clean up, and it is a mess. While, some people said that homemade food always taste better that store bought. I personally agree with the second opinion. My mom cooks at home almost every single day. Besides it, that is not the only reason why you should make your own food at home.

  • You could control what is the ingredients of your food

You buy the ingredients for cooking by yourself, always did some quality check before you buy it, make sure it is still fresh. So you know what is good for you and what is not.

  • Living a healthy life

Because you have 100% control on your food than you can make it healthier. It is also cleaner. You can also substitute the ingredients to a healthier ingredients. Example, you can change milk with almond milk.

  • You could save a lot of money

Cooking needs a lot of chopping, grinding, and mixing activity. With food processor, all of that will become so much easier. It means that you could explore more about food that you can make it at home. These are seven homemade healthy foods you could make at home using food processors, instead of store bought.

food processor is used for chopping, cutting, mixing, shredding, and grating both soft and hard foods

  1. Flour

Who doesn’t use flour at home? This ingredients is so commonly used that I bet every house has it. If you are gluten intolerance or maybe you are living a gluten-free diet, then this is a perfect solution for you. Just grind some nuts then you will have nut flour at your home, then you can use it just like a regular all-purpose flour as you desired.

  1. Butter

Butter contains a lot of fat. eat it too much, that won’t do any good to you. What you can do is substitute it. Or when you love peanut butter, like I do. You can make it yourself at home using only nuts and only food processors. Grind it for a longer time than to make a flour, then it will become a nut butter. Homemade nut butter.

  1. Sauce, dip, spread

Who doesn’t love sauce on their meal? I do! There are lots of sauce that you can make it yourself at home using food processors. Such as pesto, salsa, guacamole, or mayonnaise. Because it is a homemade sauce, of course you can substitute the ingredients and easily make it a healthier version and you can add anything you want. Example, you can use yogurt to make mayonnaise, this is so much healthier than the usual mayonnaise. You can also choose what you want in your salsa, a little bit more tomato, or explore another ingridients for your favorite sauce, dip, and spread.

  1. Biscuit

It is actually easy to make biscuit at your house. Especially if you have food processor.The most popular biscuit made with food processor might be cheese biscuit.

  1. Cookies

If you love cookies like I do, and you are just too lazy to use mixer, food processor will also done a pretty good job about it. Or if you are making gluten-free cookies, super healthy cookies, this appliances is the hero. You can easily make them with food processor.

  1. Dough and crust

Imagine if you could have fresh pasta at your home. Seriously. Yes you can! Or maybe a fresh bread, pie crust, or cookie dough, at home. If you are making bread with food appliance, you have to be careful and follow each step carefully because it is quite different with another way of making bread. I have always wanted to buy food processor because it is so freaking easy to make a pie crust. It could be a cookies crust, or a flour and butter pie crust. Also, an addition, you can even make the pie filling with your food processor, such as chocolate pudding.

  1. Hamburger

In the making of hamburger, the meat is so important. Usually people use ground beef for hamburger. What you can do is ground the meat yourself using a food processor. You know exactly what meat is that, how many fat contains, and it is way more cleaner.

Just dump your ingredients into the food processor, press the button, and let it do their own job

Just dump your ingredients into the food processor, press the button, and let it do their own job. Cleaning this food processor is slightly difficult, some people said. But, I think this appliance is so useful, it surely makes your job in cooking a lot easier. Of course it will make so much healthier food than the store bought one. So, I think, if it is so useful then cleaning up is not really a problem. Now, it is time to get cooking.

8 Innovative Cucumber Cutting Tools

When it’s coming to cut something, there are hundreds of things that you could use for it. So does when it comes to cutting a single particular food, knife might used to be the only home tools in the kitchen that people has been using from quite a long time ago. But as time goes by, people are getting smarter, exploring new things. Technologies are getting more advanced and helped people to create a lot of things that might seems impossible. It also helped to make people’s work or job easier.

Cucumber is being used in a lot of things. In a meal or as a garnish, you name it! On the other hand, there are an amazing amount of types how could you cut a cucumber. These days, there are these amazing innovative tools that will make cutting a cucumber so much easier and the result will impressed you.


This will give you a cucumber in a spiral shape, a long un-cut spiral. It looks really amazing, if you use it in a meal or as garnish this will surely impress your guests. This shape is probably hardly enough if you are trying to do it with a knife, but with this tool will makes it so much easier. Of course it will make it looks more fancy.

This will give you a cucumber in a spiral shape, a long un-cut spiral


This tool will give you an extra thin cut of the cucumber. This type of cut might be used in a salad, although it might be too thin for a salad but this cut is so perfect to be used as a mask.

This tool will give you an extra thin cut of the cucumber


This is a very unique tools. This tool is really a sharpener, a big sharpener that could even usedfor cucumber. This tool won’t sharpen your cucumber, just like when you sharpen your pencil using a sharpener. Either way, this would give you a cut that looks like those leftovers that you would get when you sharpen your pencil. This is so useful to use the cucumber that has been cut as a beauty mask.

This tool is really a sharpener, a big sharpener that could even usedfor cucumber


If you are really into or living a healthy life, than somehow you are craving for a pasta, a spaghetti to be exact. This could also be for those who are gluten intolerant and those who are living in a gluten free diet. But unfortunately you can not eat the regular pasta. So this tool is the answer. This tool will give you a cucumber in a shape of a spaghetti. Just turn the cucumber around in this tool then you will have a cucumber that looks like a spaghetti but of course the taste will looks different.

If you are really into or living a healthy life, than somehow you are craving for a pasta, a spaghetti to be exact


This tool will give you a perfect slice of a cucumber. It is perfect because it will give you the same perfect even size of a cucumber. It is easier than using a knife. With a knife, you have to cut each slice one by one. But with this tool you can cut up to five slices of cucumber. It is faster and efficient too.

This tool will give you a perfect slice of a cucumber

Long cut

This tool will gives you a cucumber in a long cut shape. You didn’t really have to use this tool if you wanted that kind of cut. You can use a knife, if you are a pro in using a knife than this is such an easy task to do. But, if you did not really used to it, you did not have to hurt your finger when you are trying to do this kind of cut with a traditional knife.

This tool will gives you a cucumber in a long cut shape

Thin stripes

Using a peeler will gives you a cucumber in a very thin stripes cut. It’s like grating the cucumber. This super thin stripes could be used as a garnish, it could also be used in a meal or even as a side dish.

Using a peeler will gives you a cucumber in a very thin stripes cut

Your style

Using a knife might be the traditional way to cut any foods. This also the most common tools that people have. Although using a knife might be a bit messier if you are not get used to it, but this will gives you flexibility to cut the cucumber any types of cutting that you want. So you can use it as you want too.


Techniques of wood staining – Decorative surface treatment of the wood

Stains are usually applied by brush, spraying or rolling. In the industry are used different very specific technologies, depending on the type of a product and applied stain.

1. Applying the stains by brush

Staining wood by brush

This method is specifically used for staining surfaces of complicated shape. Spray application would in such cases resulted in the formation of vortices in the corners, which would lead to unequal distribution, with lighter stripes on the top lines. If the stain is applied by brush, the surface will be equally colored. Stain has a few dry residues and wood absorbs it completely. Therefore, the marks left by the brush hairs do not see when using the brush applicator, which is not the case when the brush is used to apply a varnish. Stain should be applied to the surface in a thick layer, then it should be rubbed off and flatten with long brush strokes in the direction of the fibers. You need to use a brush with very soft hair. Advantages and disadvantages of using this method are typical for applying liquid materials with the brush.

2. Applying the stains by spraying

Staining wood by spraying

For applying stains by spraying is commonly used a conventional paint gun or pump that are operating at low pressure with a pistol with a mixing air. This technique is mainly used for staining flat surfaces. Compared with the application by the brush, with spraying is achieved a higher productivity, although the spraying of product has a lot of destruction. You must avoid the occurrence of turbulence, especially if the product has corners. Therefore, you need to operate with a relatively low pressure of about 2-2.5 bar, and the nozzles must be less than those which are typically used for the application of varnish, between 1.3 and 1.5mm. Uniform coloration is obtained even in areas of greater absorption when the stain is applied by spraying, i.e. the same amount of stain is applied over the entire surface. On the other hand, the colors will look darker if the stain is applied by brush in areas where wood absorbs a greater quantity. The amount that needs to be applied depends on the type of the wood and products that being processed. When toning assembled products (eg. chairs), stain is applied by dipping or spraying with an electrostatic spray guns. This technology in combination with certain stain gives a very uniform coloring effect.

3. Applying the stains by rolling, sponge or cloth

Staining wood by rolling, sponge or cloth

When industrial production has to toning the flat surfaces, the product is applied with special machines that distributed it on the surface by large rollers. The stain used for such machines has been prepared in a specific way. Application by sponge or cloth is used when we want to achieve uniformity of color and/or when we want to emphasize the pores, to be more visible. Since the stain is applied to the surface in the thick layer with brush or spray, the excess is removed with a sponge or lint-free cloth. If the color is the same, with this technique we will achieve lighter shades than if we use a brush or spray, and the final effect will be more balanced. Not only the cloths or sponges remove any excess from the pores of the porous wood, but they also have the characteristics of fillers, which made itself more visible pores. The stain that will be treated by the cloth or sponge, takes a long time to dry so a master could do his job while it is still in a liquid state on the surface.

4. Application of the stains on the flat surfaces must always start from the edges

If you work on horizontal surfaces, always work from the bottom up. When using a spray gun, it is important to apply two coasts of the stain o be equally blurred. If the horizontal surfaces have stripes or vertical design, first apply the stain on this surface, and then evenly on the entire surface. The wood in the marginal zone absorbs more stains than surfaces with parallel to the longitudinal axis. This phenomenon is causing greater staining of these points, which is particularly evident if the stain is applied with a brush or a sponge. If you use a brush, on these surfaces apply the stain which is more diluted.


Wood and wood applications in architecture

Wood and its history

Wood as a construction material was applied from the earliest time. Next to the stone, it was for many years the main material for the construction. In recent decades, the wood gets and it is frequently used in the construction of modern – permanent facilities, especially architectural buildings, facilities with all the elements of contemporary architecture. Wood has a small volume weight, it is 13 times lighter than steel, and 4 times lighter than concrete, and that is not insignificant. It has relatively high strength parallel to the grain, it is easy to process and it is independent of weather conditions. It has great design options to the cross section, and silhouettes of the structural element. Small sensitivity of the material to temperature changes, the possibilities of installation and dislocation of the structure, deploy wood as a material for construction in equal relations with other materials used in construction.

wood use in industry

Wood is the oldest building material for the simple reason that using it it is possible to make a simple building with very little tools, or even without tools. Wood has always been highly prized material. It offers great possibilities for the application, but at the same time, demands skill recognition feature, adequate preparation, and professional treatment and protection. Therefore, the people, when they began to deal with the construction, used wood to make a simple hut or tent structures. The development of human society and improvement of tools, the wood began to be used for more complex structures, and today it is irreplaceable building material.

Building with wood

Wood can be used partially or completely processed. Partially processed is only suitable for temporary structures, because various pests can populate the wooden parts of the building if it is not stripped of bark. Processed wood in the form of beams, planks, or logs is used for creation of permanent structures. In the construction industry, wood can be used for parts of the building: for foundation (in houses on stilts or wooden pies), for the walls (in log cabins), for columns, beams, etc. For the roof, wood is used in a form of shingles. The share of wood in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, in the construction of industrial facilities and large warehouses and halls is growing by the day. In market competition with brick, concrete, steel or light metal, the wood is offered as a cost-effective alternative. In building construction, the wood is divided into two classes: hard wood and soft wood. The first class includes hardwood: oak, beech, and other class mostly includes conifers: pine, spruce, larch, and poplar. Soft wood has less capacity, but it is easier to handle and transport than hard wood, and therefore, it is more frequently used. In addition to exceptional functionality, aesthetic side of the wood is extremely usable and acceptable.

Wood can be used partially or completely processed

A variety of wood products, which are produced for construction equipment and machinery includes:

  • Formwork for concrete
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Parquet
  • Winter garden
  • Stairs
  • Wall and ceiling elements
  • Balconies, etc.

In addition to functionality and aesthetics, important arguments for the wood as a building material, is its sustainability and biological value:

  • Air conditioning in the room
  • Radiation
  • Fumes from the material

Advantage of the wood as a building material

Comfort – wood is a very warm material. Massive wood has a high heat capacity. This feature keeps his balance between external temperature changes during the day and keeps the interior temperature comfortable for life. In the summer the temperature is pleasantly cool and in the winter keeps the heat. The walls of the wooden houses are several times superior with its insulating properties as compared to the brick of the same thickness. Therefore, that the wood is more energy efficient, natural insulation of logs is also a good soundproof so as to provide better and more comfortable sleep.

Continuance – wood is durable material. The oldest wooden houses in the world are more than 800 years old. The wood is very strong and solid structure compared to its weight. Most buildings of logs remained intact after the quake.

Outer material – wood is a beautiful material. Its natural forms and colors suited eyes. Many famous artists, composers and writers have created their works by living in the houses made of wood. Natural environment encourages creativity.

Safety – solid wood is resistant material and burns more slowly than concrete columns or steel beams. This is due to 15% of water which constitutes the wood and it evaporates before the wood has completely burned. Moreover, burning wood produces semi-carbon layer which protects the core.

Ecology –the wood is renewable resource and it promotes global environmental preservation. In the growth process, the wood absorbs carbon dioxide and global warming slows down by 50%. The materials that make up the original wooden houses can be recycled after several decades. Construction of wooden houses is an act of environmental protection. The wood is much lighter than other building materials, and therefore its processing is much easier.

wood as a building material

Wood products

Timbering – it is obtained by mechanical processing of wood – cutting, splitting, trimming and peeling. It can be divided according to:

  • Length: short (up to 4m) and long (over 4m)
  • The manner and procedure of processing: clothing (forms), sawn, shakes (shingles), hewn, and a separate group consists of profiled elements of wood (decking, flooring boards, paneling, etc.)

Sawn – the division of the thickness and compared sides of cross section:

  • Sheets – thin boards – 9-13mm
  • Boards – 14-40mm
  • Planks – over 40mm
  • Squares: lattice – max 33/48mm, billets – higher dimension max 10cm and beams – the smaller dimension of element, greater than 10cm.

Products with an unchanged structure of wood – this includes:

  • Veneers
  • Plywood
  • Laminates
  • Laminated wood

Products with a changed structure of wood – for this type of wood can be used and different waste wood material. Principle: chopped wood material + binder/glue. These are:

  • Lightweight concrete based on organic aggregates (blindite, heraklit)
  • Chipboard
  • Fibreboard – Masonite
  • MDF boards

Building industry – this construction includes elements of wood with small cross sections obtained by cutting, planing and milling of timber. These are:

  • Decking
  • Parquet (ordinary parquet and mosaic parquet).